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Afmerica Technology Inc. is a multidisciplinary team committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions in carbon activation, research and development, and much more. Our researchers, chemists and engineers have come together and developed a novel process of activating carbon that far surpasses every other type of carbon available on the market so far. 

With access to a specialized laboratory and equipment that we’ve developed ourselves, we’re the partner of choice for unparalleled know-how, optimized processes and exceptional quality products!



The Most Powerful Activated Carbon On The Market

We’ve developed a new way to activate carbon and are working hard to achieve an unprecedented increase in the internal surface area – far greater than anything on the market currently. By taking into account our wide range of competencies, you will be more than assured that we are undisputed experts in healthy, safe and efficient processes.

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Waste to Product

We’ve found innovative ways to use what was considered “waste” before, which is a revolution in green and clean technology! Our experienced team can process various and different abundant waste into carbon with cutting-edge technology. 

We have unique laboratory facilities, including innovative reactors and the first Fluidized Thermogravimetric Analyzer, which allows us to develop clean and green technologies. 

We convert various waste products to high-quality products!

 Afmerica Technology Inc. is your trusted partner to optimize your products and develop your workflows.



Our Expertise

Carbon Activation

Clean Technology

Solid Waste Valorization & Transformation

Equipment & Technology Development

Green Research & Development

Process Development & Optimization

Our Partners

Afmerica Technology Inc. is proud to work in partnership with eco-friendly companies like Ecobec, CanadaCustomMetal, and Stainless Nation. Together, we manufacture our own prototypes and products for distribution in Quebec. We take pride in our flexibility and capacity to meet high demands for products that are presently difficult to acquire on the market. 

With the help of cutting-edge technology and an experienced and multidisciplinary team, we’re committed to delivering tailored solutions, quality products and efficient engineering processes!

No Hassle. No Obligation. 100% Risk-Free.

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